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Sarah E. Nunnink, PhD
Center for Emotional Change

I'm a licensed psychologist (PSY 21661) who strives to make a real transformative change in the lives of the people I work with
I offer a pathway to self-awareness, transparency & genuinenss through experiential and emotion guided therapy


"I view Dr. Nunnink’s skill in the top 1% of clinicians at the San Diego VA, a distinction in a group of 50 highly trained psychologists Simply put, Dr. Nunnink’s reputation for delivering clinical work that promotes transformative change for her clients is unparalleled. Dr. Nunnink demonstrates an incredible ability to ground herself in a combination of theory, evidence-based practice, and her own values of compassion and authenticity to deliver psychotherapy that strives to achieve true and lasting change in emotional processing and functioning across domains. Dr. Nunnink is an advocate for this kind of work and her enthusiasm for it is infectious. Dr. Nunnink is a kind, warm, genuine person with a vast capacity for compassion. She is an excellent clinician, teacher, and colleague."
~Carla Nappi, PhD, VA/UCSD Colleague
"Dr. Nunnink is one of the most passionate, mindful, and effective therapists that I’ve ever met. Her investment in learning and improving herself as a therapist highlights a dedication to bettering the lives of others and a genuine fervor for the craft of therapy. She possesses a rare capacity to gracefully balance the art and science of therapy. She has a natural talent for staying present to painful emotions and her warm and accepting manner allow others to feel safe sharing these emotions. Even more, her passion for this work and investment in improving her skills has infected both her patients and trainees."
~Caitlin Ferriter, PhD,  VA/UCSD Colleague

"She possesses technical skills only obtained through many hundreds of hours of training and experience, and a number of attributes as a therapist that are not so easily taught, if they even can be to any great degree. She has relentless empathy, exudes acceptance, and has a very organic and calming therapeutic presence. Sarah is an all-too-rare clinician that truly “walks the walk.”
~Joshua Madsen, PhD, VA/UCSD Colleague

"I want you to know how much my training with you influenced my decision to consider this professional path.  If not for my year with you in the clinic, I may not have discovered my interest in experiential therapy approaches.  Our supervision was invaluable in honing my clinical skills, but it also developed my deep appreciation of the richness and professional reward of this orientation...I can't underscore this enough, please know how much I appreciated you as a supervisor.  It was truly one of the best (if not the best) supervision experiences I have had throughout my training.  Your warmth and empathic guidance is truly palpable.  Your clients and trainees are so very lucky to have you!"  
~Natalia Walsh, UCSD/SDSU Joint Doctoral Practicum Student

"I really loved watching your work.  It was exquisite EFT as you were able to sensitively track each person's experience, hold them in their more primary emotional places, validate and encourage, and set up and process new interactions...beautiful work!"  
Certifying Body at the International Centre for Excellence in Emotion Focused Therapy (ICEEFT)